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I have a problem

2010-02-09 06:38:41 by NachoVeGa

hello Newgrounds !!
I have been having a problem, for some days, I've been scouted
,but now, no. What Happening??


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2010-02-09 07:37:08

So you´ve been unscouted? Well the reasons for that may be A. you broke the rules (art rules, see FAQ) or B. your scouter (or his/her scouter or his/her scouter and so on) got unscouted, which brings down everyone he/she had scouted, and there´s also C. which means your art was crap and so not scout worthy, but then getting scouted in the first place would be next to impossible (I have not seen your art, just saying the possible reasons for losing your scout).

NachoVeGa responds:

What I pass, was that my scuoter disappeared.


2010-02-14 10:24:40

wajajajaajaja!! Vega a mi tambien me quitaron el scout!! xDDD creo q por laas frutas photoshopeadas xD

NachoVeGa responds:

o verdad!! oye , parese que te lo quitaron porque minimo tienes que tener 4 cosas , eliminaste las frutas o te las eliminaron ???