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marine monster

2010-02-17 07:37:24 by NachoVeGa

hey newgrounds!
I finished the drawing, the marine monster that I showed before, Please tell me your opinion.

marine monster


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2010-02-17 13:52:53

wn!! no pidai q te hagan scout!! te pueden banear pa siempre D:

Ta weeeeeeeeeno el dibujo ;D

NachoVeGa responds:

si ya se, esuqe igual tenia que intentarlo.... porque lo que me paso fue injusto, el usuaro que me hiso scout desaparecio derepente


2010-02-23 20:55:17

I feel like the water is cement and it dried with the monster in it you should make more movement in the water make it look more like a liquid you know? Besides that i think it's great and one thing i really do like about the water is that it's gray like the clouds reminds me of where i used to live. :P