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Hello Newgrounds !!
I want to show how to do the futuristic building my drawing "future" in 6 steps
Step 1, the concept: is the first drawing of the building is to pen and simple.
Step 2: create "External plates", only basic colors; there is no effect of shadow and no background.
Step 3: creates the background, and are painted plates and are add shadows to give a sunset atmosphere.
These are the first steps, still 3.

How to do the futuristic building of my drawing "future": part 1

Happy New Year!!

2010-01-01 13:35:47 by NachoVeGa

Happy New Year newgrounds !!!!!!

last day of 2009

2009-12-31 08:24:11 by NachoVeGa

Last day of the year !!!!!!!
Waiting 2010 !!!

I surprise the guarana

2009-12-23 18:10:21 by NachoVeGa

I surprise the guarana , I love the guarana !!!!